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Patient Testimonials

“You are, without a doubt, the hand surgeon of New York.”             - J.H.

“They say at the end of every tunnel there is a light and at the end of ours was you!  You were the answer I had been working for this last year.  I’m sorry it took so long but it was worth the wait!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping our son and in such a very kind and caring manner.  We were comfortable from our first hello with you and I wasn’t even that nervous during his surgery.  He was in the best of hands and for this I am forever grateful.  I can only wish that everyone who ever needs hand surgery finds you first!”       - D.B.

“Words are inadequate to express our gratitude to you for your professionalism, courtesy, and prompt consideration.  We’ve benefited tremendously from your kind and caring manner, and from your golden hands.”  - S.P.

“I want to thank you for all of your time, patience and hard work with my broken arm.  Everyone not only treated my arm but my spirit as well- you allowed me to find the humor in humerus!  The dedication you all have and share is what allows a person to heal so well, both physically and emotionally.”  - J.S.

“Thank you for restoring the function in my right arm that I thought was lost forever!  We sincerely appreciate all you have done for me.”  - C.G.

“To a great surgeon and a compassionate man.  Thank you for seeing me and not my age.  You have given me back the sweetness in my life.”  - A.L.

“Endless thanks for your skill, care, and compassion.  My wrist is getting better daily.  It’s doing so well, it will be going to Harvard in the fall.”  - S.K.

“Hope you are still happily patching up the broken wings of New Yorkers with mucho gusto.”  - A.V.

“Thanks for making my daughter’s recovery as easy and pleasant as possible.  Your office is friendly and warm which makes recovery that much faster.  Thanks to all who care.  More people like you are needed in this world.”  - D.S.

“Words cannot express the gratitude & love in my heart for you & your staff.  You truly are sent from heaven!”  - G.B.

“Thank you for a successful operation on my right elbow.  Your humor in the pre-op room really relieved me and brightened my spirits.”  - J.I.

“There are times that the words ‘thank you’ just don’t cut it, but have to be said.  Thank you for saving my hand.  These words cannot express the joy that is in my heart for the fine work you have done on my hand.”  - N.M.

“Thank you again for giving me back my left hand!  I think of you each time I use it without pain.”  - S.S.

“Thanks for making my injury as least painful as possible.  You helped make me smile when I felt like crying.  You are the funniest and all around best doctor.  Thanks for taking such great care of me and my thumb.  We will always be grateful.”  - J.B.

“This is just a note to thank you for all your hard work and great support in putting our son’s arm back together.  Your office turned a very bad event into a very positive experience.  We’ve never been treated so well by a doctor’s office.”  - L.D.

“I just want to say thank you for taking such good care of me at the hospital. I am a terrible patient and you kept me smiling and feeling safe.  Not only are your surgical skills amazing, what a charming bedside manor you have!”  - L.C.

“You made the list again this year, I read it and your name unfurled.  It stated ‘Best in all New York.’  It should have read ‘in all the world!’”  - P.M.

“In appreciation for all that you have done to ensure that I was good-to-go for my wedding, it was not lost on me that we were in the OR until midnight before you were leaving for Switzerland!  All the best to a great surgeon, and a better guy.”  - J.P.

“I thank God first for guiding me to your office and I cannot thank you enough for the caring and kind treatment you have given me through my difficult time.  God bless your hands and keep you serving the injured people forever.”  - Y.

“I don’t quite know and I have difficulties finding the right words to show you my gratitude for your kindness and all the surgery work you have done for me.  Your friendliness and reassurance that all will be well with my hand was so comforting for me and I would like to thank you so much for everything.”         - G.W.

“Thank you for your brilliance, professionalism, and encouragement.  Even your personality helps us to laugh at life.”  - S.C.


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